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Published: 07 September 2019

This year is the 2nd anniversary of World Online PL. This year, a breakthrough event for the anniversary of the server's establishment will be uniting with the Apex server.

Let's start a new chapter!

The two largest Need for Speed ​​World servers will be connected into one stronger server. Unfortunately, your previous achievements will be lost due to the elimination of errors that previous versions of the core have left behind. For our donors on our server, a starter pack from Bugatti Veyron will be enabled. If you still play on our server and support it, let us know via the contact form, or write to us by email (click the hyperlink) kontakt@nfswonline.pl

The new server will be officially named WorldUnited.

Short and to the point.
A full development plan, content and various road maps will be provided no later than after a reset.

Soon. We're working on it.

New cars?
Yes! We will have additional / restored cars (which can be customized and do not replace police cars)

Something new? Yes!

- Another restored car (Dodge Charger SRT Concept),
- New license plates,
- New car manufacturers,
- Custom store settings
- Custom achievements,
- Improved economy,
- Improved development process and stability,
... and a lot more!

What is the new economy?
You can see it now by playing Apex, but to sum up: it's a real grind. Effort is required. This is not a deadly challenge, but it is also not a sandbox.

New server location?
It will be hosted in the US on Google Cloud. WOPL is hosted in Great Britain. In this case, this is not a big difference. You should play normally without delays. Well, it's Google!

Remember that you have 2 to 3 weeks to export the data before connecting the servers. You can do this by clicking the hyperlink below.


It allows you to enjoy the game on an offline server.

More information coming soon!

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