Published: 25 December 2018

The administration wants wish to our players a merry and peaceful Christmas, and in coming year 2019 it was better than the year 2018. And you can expect new things on our server soon!...
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Christmas with World Online PL

Published: 11 December 2018

Christmas is coming... A few days ago, we were celebrating Santa Claus day, and in a few days we will sit down together at the table to spend Christmas together with the family. In order to feel the magic of Christmas from Monday, we started adding Christmas arrangements to the server. The above graphic is the schedule for preparing for Christmas. From Monday, we added a Porsche 911 Turbo snowflake edition for 850,000 cash in the game. Today, December 11, we added the Hummer H1 Alpha in a snowfl...
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Dude, where are the races?

Published: 28 November 2018

Wut? What is happened with races? Since Saturday, (that is Nov,24 2018) the first track rotation has been introduced. Since then, there will be cyclic track rotations. Soon you will be able to choose which races you will want in next rotation (but remember that it will not be the same route for several weeks). Current class races you can see on our website We also invite everyone to the official crews discord that lets you team up with friends and compete with oth...
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A new price list from a car dealer

Published: 20 November 2018

We present ... a new dealer price list. This time he is so smart that he offers much lower prices for cars, which have no taking when it comes to their performance. What does it mean? Cars that, say, are not the best are simply cheaper, and those that are popular, strong have properly adjusted prices. A big thank you to Ghosts, for that he devoted his time to improving it....
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Top Gear Challenge

Published: 05 November 2018

A new track is on our server! It's called the Top Gear Challenge, and it's located between Camden and Rosewood. This track was available from November 8 to November 21, 2010. After that time it was never available because event wassponsored by Top Gear. Finally it saw the light of day after 8 years! To highlight this event, a car was added - Chevrolet Corvette Z06 "Top Gear" edition. The track and edition of this Corvette will be disabled on November 21. They will enabled again next year...
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